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Learning PathπŸ”—


  • Ingredients
    • Red Chilli Powder
    • Turmeric Powder - imparts color & used for marinating meat/fish to kill bacteria
    • Garam Masala (combination of multiple spices)
    • Aafoetida/Hing - masks smell of any pungent flavour ingredient, used with cumin, turmeric powder, substitute for ginger garlic / onion
    • jeera/cumin & mustard/rai - used for tadka
  • Souring Agents
    • Lemons (large, slightly sweeter), lime (slight bitter)
    • tamarind
    • Kokum/garcinia indica - useful for acidity
    • sugar & jaggery
  • Useful ingredients : potato, tomato, onions, coriander (garnishing), ginger, garlic, rice, tud daal(yellow), moong daal(yellow), flour, sunflower/mustard oil, ghee, grated coconut, eggs, meat/fish
  • whole spices : cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, coriander seeds, cardamons(elaichi)

Pots & PansπŸ”—

  • Kadhai : ideal for deep frying
  • Handi : same as Kadhai, but helps in tadka as infusion of flavours remain better as compared to other pots.
  • flat bottomed pan/ flat bottomed vessed : cooking evenly
  • simple pans : useful for shallow frying, making eggs
  • Tawa (nostick, cast iron) : to make chapati etc
  • Rolling pin (belan)/ poplar/ parat for preparing chapati
  • Cooker : steam based fast cooking, mostly used for daal but can be used for meat
  • strainer : tea/sieve/colander strainer
  • round bottom vessel for live tempering/ flat bottom pan : for tadka preparation
  • spoons : tea spoon, table spoon, measuring spoons, serving spoon, spatula, skimmer (used for deep frying)

Chopping & CuttingπŸ”—

  • Knives : Chef’s knife (chopping/dicing), multipurpose utility knife, peeling knife
  • Cuts : chopping(onions, tomato, potato), dicing(onions), slicing(onions, tomato), mincing (garlic)

Dal & RiceπŸ”—

Potato & Tomato CurryπŸ”—