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Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability with the use of significant indentation.

NOTE: These notes are adaption from following books : Fluent Python 2nd edition (comprehensive book on python)


  1. Data Structures🔗

    1. Python Data Model
    2. Array
    3. Dictionary & Sets
    4. Unicode Text vs Bytes
    5. Data Class Builders
    6. Object References, Mutability, and Recycling
  2. Functions as Objects🔗

    1. Functions as First Class Objects
    2. Type Hints in Functions
    3. Decorators and Closures
    4. Design Patterns with First Class Functions
  3. Classes and Protocols🔗

    1. A Pythonic Object
    2. Special Methods for Sequences
    3. Interfaces, Protocols, and ABCs
    4. Inheritance: For Better or for Worse
    5. More about Type Hints
    6. Operator Overloading
  4. Control Flow🔗

    1. Iterators, Generators, and Classic Coroutines
    2. With, Match and Else Blocks
    3. Concurrency Models in Python
    4. Concurrent Executors
    5. Asynchronous Programming
  5. Metaprogramming🔗

    1. Dynamic Attributes & Properties
    2. Attribute Descriptor
    3. Class Metaprogramming