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Backup of VPS using rclone🔗

Cheap VPS Offers often do not include backups, so user are at their devices to take backups. A best solution for users which have cheap vps with no backup facilities is to buy cloud storage and create their own backup script that sends the backups to that vendor.

So your cloud drive becomes like a take anywhere stick, where you keep regular backups of your VPS.

Backup Script with pcloud🔗

Installing Dependencies🔗

# pre-requisites
sudo apt-get install pv rclone

Assuming rclone is setup with a remote🔗

Below scripts assumes that remote smk has already been setup then ends up creating a folder with vps_bkp/bkp_ddmm on the cloud provider you have.


if [ "@$WHOAMI" \!= "@root"    ]; then
    echo Error: Must be run as root
    exit 1

cd /

# backup_dirs=("etc" "home" "root" "var" "usr/local/bin" "usr/local/sbin" "srv" "opt")
backup_dirs=("etc" "home" "root" "var" "srv" "opt")
bkp_dir="bkp_`date +"%m%d"`"
mkdir -p /tmp/${bkp_dir}

for i in ${!backup_dirs[@]}; do
    echo "Starting tar of /${backup_dirs[$i]} ..."
    # tar -cz -f /tmp/${bkp_dir}/${backup_dirs[$i]}.tgz -C ${backup_dirs[$i]} .
    tar cf - /${backup_dirs[$i]} -P | pv -s $(du -sb /${backup_dirs[$i]} | awk '{print $1}') | gzip > /tmp/${bkp_dir}/${backup_dirs[$i]}.tgz
    echo "Done tar of /${backup_dirs[$i]}"

echo "Created backups at : /tmp/${bkp_dir}"
echo "----------------BKP------------------"
du -sh /tmp/${bkp_dir}/* | sort -h

echo "--------------- RCLONE ---------------"
${RCLONE_BIN} copy /tmp/${bkp_dir} ${REMOTE_NAME}/${bkp_dir} -P -v

echo "--------------- Cleanup --------------"
rm -rf /tmp/${bkp_dir}

Further Steps🔗

  • You could run this script montly using crond or a systemd scripts as suited backup frequency.