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This step is for developers and is optional. It requires a working "nginx" website with PHP 7 support. "Apache" isn't presently support- ed for this purpose.

The following tarball contains a directory tree that includes an "in- dex.php" file in the top-level directory:


Unpack the tarball somewhere in the website directory tree. Then add files (any that you'd like to distribute) to the top-level directory of the tree that you just unpacked.

If the new tree is accessed via the Web, "index.php" will display download links for the files that you add.

"sortable" means that the list of download links can be sorted based on any of several attribute columns (filename, modification date, etc.).

Subdirectories are supported.

For credits, license information, and other details, see the code and comments in the "index.php" file.

You may or may not wish to "chown" the directory tree as follows (mod- ify the path shown here appropriately):

chown -R www-data.www-data /var/www/mypaste/

If you'd like to use this feature to distribute files both publicly and privately, use two separate copies of the directory tree, one for public files and one for private files.