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This part assumes that you know the basics of "nginx" setup. If this isn't the case, you can skip this step until later.

setupdoc/files/ includes a tarball named "nginx-base.tar.gz". The tarball contains a directory tree named nginx/.


service nginx stop

Replace the directory tree /etc/nginx/ with the nginx/ directory tree in the tarball.

Replace the .conf files in `/etc/nginx/ with similar files named after domains that you control and have pointed to the current box.

Edit the files and make the appropriate changes.

If you don't already have certs in /var/letse/ for all of the domains that you use, disable the use of SSL in the associated .conf files.

Edit the script file /etc/nginx/local/runletse*.pl. Make the appropriate changes.

Execute this command to restart "nginx":

service nginx restart

If errors occur, do this:

systemctl status nginx.service >& /tmp/nginx.err

Review the contents of /tmp/nginx.err. If possible, correct the indicated problems and try to start "nginx" again.

Step: Set up automated SSL certs renewal🔗

NOTE: requires lego to be installed from here

Create a text file named "/etc/cron.weekly/renew-letse" with the following contents:

#!/bin/bash -e
cd /etc/nginx/local/ || exit 1
perl > /tmp/renew-letse.log 2>&1 &
exit 0

Make the file executable. I.e.:

chmod 755 /etc/cron.weekly/renew-letse